Super Bowl Sunday Hockey Training Q&A

So Paul and I just got in off the slopes from a great morning of skiing.  While we were out there I did a really quick hockey training Q&A with a Super Bowl theme – that sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it?

Anyway, before I show you the quick video I want to give a shout out to Steve at Squire John’s ski shop in Collingwood, ON.  It was actually really cool, because Paul and I were in there yesterday looking for a new stomp pad for my snowboard and I was standing looking at the ski wax when one of the staff came over to see if I needed help.

I was happy just perusing the wax so I told him I was fine and then he said it…”is your name Maria by any chance?”  I froze – uh oh…I am supposed to know this person.  Did I train him in the Revolution Gym, work with his team, grow up next door??  I had to fess up – “yes, I am Maria, how do I know you” I said kind of embarrassed.

He said – I follow you on  Wow – that is so COOL.  It has happened to me about half a dozen times at different places and I just love having the chance to meet you face-to-face.  So if you ever think you see me, please make sure you come over and say ‘Hi’.

What’s even cooler is that I got to let Steve coach me – since he is the ski/snowboard expert.  I asked him about my Regular/Goofy foot snowboard conundrum and he told me it was okay to be goofy on the skateboard and surf board – but regular on the snowboard.  Then he gave me some great advice which will help me learn how to ride switchfoot (leading with either foot) over time.  So thanks Steve, I am gonna take your advice:)

Super Bowl Sunday Hockey Training Q&A

The volume is low so you will have to turn it up a little and maybe put your ear right next tot he speaker 🙂

Here is the sprinting mechanics video….

This is how you should do your sprinting when working on your hockey speed as well.

 Are you 1/12 of the way there?

Finally today, I want to give you a friendly reminder (as opposed to a hostile one) that the year is 1/12 of the way finished.  Shocking isn’t it – it goes so fast.  So today I want you to take out the piece of paper where you wrote down your goals and your action steps – remember when we did that exercise HERE?

Now ask yourself – are you 1/12 of the way to achieving your goals?  If not, no time like the present to get started.  Get after it people!

Have a great day – I am picking the Ravens to win the Super Bowl – how bout you?