How To Enhance Flexibility and Reduce Injury Risk for Hockey Goaltenders Using ELDOA

ELDOA Method for Goalies Enhance Flexibility, Reduce Injury Risk

Join Maria today as she brings you into the world of ELDOA – a transformative method designed by osteopath Guy VOYER. Learn how the ELDOA method can be appleid for hockey goalies in their strength training programs. She’ll dive into some of ELDOA’s precise mobilization exercises, focusing on L5-S1 and T8-T9. And then see for yourself how much focus and body awareness it takes to perform such a simple movement and FEEL the effects right away.

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In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of the ELDOA method and its benefits for spinal health and joint mechanics.
  • A detailed walkthrough of the ELDOA L5-S1 and T8-T9 exercises, designed to enhance your flexibility, reduce injury risk, and improve your game from the ground up.

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