Confidence, Training Gold Medal Skaters, Goalie Camps & Building Better Goalie Habits – Goalie Training Q&A – 04.04.2024

Apr 11 2024 - Goalie Training Pro Q&A With Maria Mountain

Join Maria Mountain for this week’s Live Q&A and dive head first into building better habits both on and off the ice for hockey goalies as well as great exercises for training your glove hand.  Hear about her journey training Gold Medal winning Canadian Skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. Don’t miss her breakdown of why she chooses Toe Ties for proper rotation of her Warrior GT2 custom pads and her best advice both for undersized goalies and becoming the best ice hockey goalie you can be, as well as building confidence as an athlete by being prepared.  And if you’re curious about the summer line-up of incredible camps and speaking opportunities for a strength and conditioning coach with her experience and knowledge, be sure to watch the end.

Check out the topics below:

  • 01:35: Building Better Habits on the Ice for Older Goalies at Stick & Puck
  • 04:45: How to Become a Better Athlete to Become a Better Goalie
  • 07:00: Beer League BootCamp Off-Season is Launching Soon!
  • 07:45: Off-Ice Drills for Improving Glove Hand & the Catch Ball
  • 11:36: Goalie Training Pro TV
  • 12:20: Toe Ties or Laces for Goalie Pads & Proper Rotation for Snappy Butterfly Saves
  • 14:40: Recovery for Goalies: Hydration, Refueling & Supplements
  • 16:40: Best Advice for Becoming the Best Goalie You Can Be
  • 21:21: Improving Your Lateral Movement as a Goalie, Check Out Hockey Goalie Post to Post Speed on Goalie Training ProTV
  • 25:00: Building Confidence as a Hockey Goaltender
  • 26:45: Training Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skaters
  • 28:17 ACL Tear & Reconstruction
  • 30:40: Maria’s Summer Plan for Training Camps & Speaking Engagements Including:

Curious about what you heard in the Q&A? Want to learn more about her upcoming programs? Check your email for the Varsity Goalie Academy official launch this month, a sport specific training program for high school and college age ice hockey goaltenders. Also, the Beer League Boot Camp Off-Season, for adult goalies getting back into the game, which will be launching soon. And for those pre-teen and early-teen net-minders who are looking for a great place to start their off-ice training, check out the NextGen Goalie Academy. 

Appreciate you all tuning in this week.  Join Maria live Thursdays at 2pm EST on Facebook or Instagram.