Need A Comprehensive Goalie Specific Off-Ice Training Programs - here are a few options for you…

Butterfly Challenge

Your free QuickStart program that delivers a 3-5” wider butterfly flare in two weeks or less.  It is your first look at how even simple goalie specific strategies pay huge dividends on the ice.

The app includes video tutorials of each and every exercise, you can easily get this done in less than 10-minutes per day.  #noexcuses

Game Winning Goalie Formula

The Game Winning Goalie Formula online training group is like a hybrid between the old Shutout Academy program and the exclusive Turning Pro Coaching Program.

You get all your training programs for mobility, strength, speed, stamina, stability complete with videos for each and every exercise.  You will never have to guess at what you need to do to stop more pucks.

PLUS you get the added benefit of a private coaching group, weekly live coaching calls AND a curriculum with lessons on the science behind your off-season training, on-ice positioning and strategy from top pro goaltending coaches, nutrition, goalie mindset and more.

Click HERE to apply for an interview to join this group.


This is where goalies who believe they have the potential to play in their dream league (and who don’t want to waste their time guessing at the best way to get there) come to take the straight line to success.

You can live anywhere in the world to participate in this program it is delivered entirely online.

I custom design all your workouts to suit your strengths, weaknesses, injury history and your schedule.

Each month we hop on the phone for a coaching call and you get unlimited access to me via our private messaging app.

THIS PROGRAM IS CURRENTLY FULL, but you can apply HERE and get on the waiting list