Conditioning For Hockey Goalies | Off Season 1

Need quicker recovery on the ice so you can keep your speed and power when your team goes down a man in the last 5-minutes of a high tempo game? ...This stamina base workout is perfect for hockey goalies in the early off-season. We're focusing on Category 2 intensity training to help you build aerobic capacity.

In this video:
I'll explain what Category 2 training is and why it's beneficial for goalies.
I'll show you the perfect workout setup on any open space, including why good footwear is essential.
You'll get a step-by-step guide on performing the workout: along with tips on keeping your intensity within the right zone.

Whether you're preparing for the next season or looking to maintain fitness in the off-season, this workout is the place to start. Remember, it's about getting better every day! If you need help calculating your Category 2 heart rate or want me to explain RPE, just drop a comment below.

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