Three Ways For Hockey Goalies To Get A Wider Butterfly Flare in 2024

Top 3 Ways Goalies Get A Wider Butterfly 2024

If you’re an ice hockey goalie looking for a wider butterfly flare, these 3 techniques are quickest and most effective way to enhancing that critical save selection. It’s all about maximizing your coverage, and that’s exactly Maria tackles in this off-ice youtube training session. She walks you through the top 3 exercises designed specifically to enhance your butterfly flare.


If you can’t see this video here, check it out on Maria’s YouTube Channel.

Check out these top 3 exercises detailed in this video that are certain to give you an immediately wider butterfly flare:

  • LAX on TFL and Upper Glutes: Loosen those tight spots and instantly unlock range.
  • Supine Hip IR: Actively work your muscles into full range of motion.
  • Half Kneeling Hip IR PAILs/RAILs: Use this FRC techniques to boost your flare AND build strength

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