Why RVH is Easier On One Side! How To Balance Your Body with Postural Restoration

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Hey Hockey Goalies!

Join Maria Mountain as she brings you into the world of Postural Restoration (PRI) and how it can improve your mobility as a hockey goaltender. These PRI exercises will help you achieve better alignment in your goalie stance, enhance your breathing, and provide the on-ice stability you need to make those quick, powerful moves in the crease. Maria walks you through each exercise step-by-step, ensuring you understand how to perform them correctly and integrate them into your off-ice hockey training for maximum impact. If you’re looking for simple (but technical) ways to dramatically improve your goaltending before next season, check out the video below.


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Here’s the TWO key exercises for hockey goalies:

  • The 90/90 Hip Lift for hip flexor inhibition; and,
  • The Left Glute Med – Side Lying for improving your lateral stability.


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