GOALIES Watch THIS Before Your Next Cardio

You know what you need to do, where you should be to make that save, but you just can’t get there. Every goaltender knows this helpless feeling right? Your legs quit on you and typically at a pivotal time in a game – 5-minute major anyone???

This one is for the “No-Excuses” goalies – you know you are the last line of defence, this leg blasting cardio workout will give you the tools to hold your team in each and every game.

Yes, it’s gonna hurt… watch to the end where I give you an ON-ICE Stamina workout too.

Here’s the workout…

– Start with a dynamic warm up and a light warm up on the bike.

– 30s hard: 10s easy x4

– Knee Down Lateral Hop x 30s

– 30s hard: 30s easy x 4

– Squat Jump + Hold – 5 (3s+10s hold)

– 30s hard: 10s easy x 6

– Post Hold – 30s each

Rest 2-minutes – do 2 sets

Now have fun 😉

Coach M


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