Off-Ice Hockey Training Q&A: starting over, credentials, fat thighs

Before I get to todays off-ice hockey training Q&A, I want too tell you a bit about my weekend. As you know if you follow me on Twitter (@goalietraining) or Facebook (, you know that I have been in Orange County, California since Thursday attending the Fitness Business Summit.

One of my coaches from the Mastermind group runs the conference, so it is a great time to meet up with some of my fellow entreprenuers and learn what is and is not working in both their online and offline businesses.

Cool to hear how some trainers have completely transformed their success (like from going to being in debt up to their eyeballs to making multiple six figures in just over a year). Inspiring to say the least. The common thread – they are all massive action takers, so they don’t talk about their hopes and dreams, they just do it (to coin a phrase :)!

Anyway, another cool thing is that I got to meet up with my cousin Jane (that’s us in the photo below – you probably recognized me – duh) who lives in LA (for another 3 weeks anyway). I always cherish the opportunity to see one of my cousins because I only have four of them. You see my Mom was an only child and my Dad had just one brother (my Uncle Tom).


My cousins always lived out west, in either Alberta or British Columbia so there were no family Christmases or anything like that. We saw each other a few times as kids and then at some of the weddings when we were all getting hitched, but we don’t get to spend much time together, so it is always a special treat.

One of the many cool things about my cousin Jane is that she and her husband Stephen have a habit of moving to really awesome places and living there – we freeloaded off them for a few days in London, UK and now they are in LA, soon to leave on a bike trek from Rome to Russia.

I have wanted to visit Bled, Slovenia for quite a while so I am hoping they may settle there either during or after their trek that Paul and I can come and freeload – hint-hint Jane.

I am looking forward to following her blog to hear about the adventures Stephen and her have over the next year or so – you can follow along as well at – Jane and Stephen have some really cool ideas about lifestyle, wellness, etc.

Okay, now let’s answer some questions about off-ice hockey training for skaters and goalies…

Here’s what I go over in the video Q&A:

– What do I do when I finishe the four months of training I got with Ultimate Goalie Training 2.0? Stop training? Go back to my ‘regular’ training? Start the program again?

– Where do I get e-book images for my site and how did I build my credentials to become a contributor over at

– How can you lose fat from your thighs – in this case it is not a esthetic reason – a goalie was asking me because he has trouble with his double knee recoveries.

You can check out the detailed answers in the video below:

Have a great Sunday gang – in case you missed it, the clocks went forward an hour, so if you are late everywhere you have gone so far today – – that would explain it ๐Ÿ™‚