When A Parent Should ‘Call Their Child Out’

The hockey Moms and Dads out there often get a bad wrap, when really what you are trying to do is help your child achieve their goals.  Some of you just don’t have the proper tools to do that.  Some of you are a little too ‘hands-on’ and some are a little too ‘hands-off’.

I had the chance to get on the phone with sport psychologist Dr. Alan Edmunds who has worked with elite athletes from many sports, including hockey, over the years.

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The goal for this conversation was to give parents some tools or guidelines to help them know when to step in and when to step back and that is exactly what I have for you today.  We covered a lot of ground in about 20-minutes, including:

  • Is the ‘Brian Burke rule’ of no talking about the game on the car ride home a good one?
  • Is it okay to push your young player into doing extra training at home?
  • At what age can a hockey player benefit from mental training?

Dr. Edmunds also shared some real-world examples of how mental skills training has helped athletes from different sports.  If you are one of those athletes who does awesome in practice, but seems to stumble repeatedly in try-outs or games, you are not alone – you should give this a listen.

Mental training is another piece of the success puzzle and these skills will serve you in life, long after your competitive days are done.  Enjoy!


PS – I have a client who was lucky enough to meet Bobby Orr at a Memorial Cup game in London this past week.  She couldn’t say enough about what a kind and gracious host he was, taking time to sign autographs and talk with everyone.  Great to see that there are some heroes out there who live up to their reputation.

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