The fall of the machines. Where machines fit into your off ice training for hockey.

Hi Gang,

Hope you are having a good week – enjoying the Stanley Cup playoffs?  This round has been pretty interesting watching Montreal play Philly.  Also weird that they have both series on the same night so far.  I think that will change this weekend though when San Jose comes up to Chicago. 

I want you to check out a new article which outlines the pros and cons of using standard fitness club machines for your off ice hockey training.  If you are currently using any machines for your training, you need to read this.

Where exercise machines fit into your off ice hockey training.


P.S. – you know my HockeyStrong off ice training program for hockey players is used by male and female hockey players, but my colleague Kim McCullough (an accomplished hockey player in her own right) has developed an off ice training program specifically for female hockey players.  Kim has great insight into what helps female hockey players excel.  I don’t make any money off her programs, I just thought it would be nice to share a different perspective with you.  Oh yeah, this is a special offer that expires May 21st.