Goalie Specific Training Q&A – part one

Hey Gang!  Hope you had a great weekend and a safe and happy St. Patty’s day.  In my hometown the local college students decided a riot was in order so they torched a TV news truck and threw beer bottles at the police until the police had to actually retreat from the area – was St. Patrick the patron saint of rioting?

We got home from our holiday on Friday around supper time, so our weekend was pretty low key trying to get caught up on some work, get some groceries, visit my Mom and then had a pint of Guinness while watching the hockey game.  You know it actually does taste better in Ireland for some reason.

So now I am at the stage where you question whether it was worth it to take the holiday in the first place because now you feel so overwhelmed with how much you have to catch up on?

Well, it definitely was worth taking the holiday – but I am scrambling to catch up.  I received a lot of questions while I was away so I stockpiled them for a goalie specific training Q&A video – the video turned out to be 15-minutes long, so I have split it into three parts – here is part one…

Goalie Specific Training Q&A

I will post part two later in the week.