Goalie Training: Hip Stabilization Chaos

Howdy!  Hope the week is going great for you so far.  If you are one of our American friends, I hope you had a great July 4th!

I was at Eli Wilson’s Prospects camp on Tuesday to work with his goalies and I saw what I see at every camp (at every level) and that is difficulty with hip stabilization.  And it isn’t a matter of strength, these guys are all strong enough.

The issue is skill.

And the skill is lacking because you never practice it.

Unless you are a member of the Shutout Academy, a lot (all) of your off-ice training is probably done on two legs and probably all of it is from your feet.  As a goalie, you need to be stable and agile from your feet, but also from your knees.

You will be amazed at how much stronger your half butterfly pushes will be by just training this one skill.

Watch the video and then give it a try…

Don’t spend all day on it, just go for 45 seconds on each side and don’t get frustrated if you struggle with it at first, it will take time, but you will also be surprised at how much you improve after just 1-2 weeks of practice.

Finally – the goal isn’t speed.

The goal is control; slower is actually harder in this case.

Have fun!