EOTW: Depth Jump + First Step

Hockey Exercise For Explosive Leg Power

‘First step quickness’ is a term you hear in a lot of sports, but the speed and contained spaces of hockey make it even more important to your success on the ice.  You don’t have 100 yards to open a gap on your opponent; you need instant acceleration, so today I have an off-ice hockey exercise that will improve this aspect of your game.

sorry about the creepy pick – this is what came up when I searched ‘powerful legs’ – hilarious!!

This drill will help with you acceleration off a change of direction.  I think it has value for skaters and goalies and I think goalies should do both versions – the opening step and the cross-over step even though I know you would never cross your feet up in a game (not on purpose anyway), I think it is a good exercise for your adductors.

You’ve gotta have base…

A regular Depth Jump is an advanced plyometric exercise that we often use in our hockey training.  This is a Depth Jump + First Step, so it is even more advanced.  Even though it does not look all that tough, remember the goal is to do it at full power (once you have practiced the movement at half speed for a while of course).

Do not just stick this into your routine if you have not progressed through the plyometric basics that I have outlined HERE

So until you have gone through those progressions over weeks/months, don’t even think about adding this one it.

If you can’t see the video in the player above, just click on the link below…

Technical points…

  • Watch your knee alignment on the depth jump – your knees should not pinch in at any point
  • Jump as high and as fast as you can
  • Make sure you load your legs for the lateral movement and get a full push

How many? How often?

This is a great drill to add to your off-ice hockey training workouts 2-3 times per week depending on your phase of your program.

Do 3-4 sets of 2-3 each direction.

Enjoy that one – remember the goal of this exercise is not to make you tired, but to make you more explosive, you cannot develop explosiveness when you are pooped.


Hockey training blueprint

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