3 Hockey Stretches With A New Twist


Hope you had a great weekend!  Paul & I were up at Blue Mountain for cozy rainy weekend that was actually really relaxing.  On Saturday I was parked on the sofa from about 1pm-6pm.  First we were watching our Western Mustangs play in the Ontario University Football quarter final game against Windsor.  The Stangs pulled out the win, so they are on to face McMaster in the semi’s this weekend – that will be a test!

Then immediately after that, Team Revolution athletes Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir took the ice to skate their new Carmen-themed Free Dance in competition for the first time this season in the Skate Canada Grand Prix event.

Even if you think you are not a fan of Figure Skating, do me a favour and check out Scotty & Tessa’s new free dance this year – they are amazing!  They took the gold in the competition, so that was awesome!

Then yesterday Paul and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary.  Wow, does time fly!  Thought you might like to see what I look like in a dress (don’t get the chance to wear one in the gym that much :)).  Okay, now back to work…

A new twist on your hockey stretches…

Today’s video gives you three new stretches that will help skaters and goalies alike – but this time I am incorporating a super band to help with the stretch.  Here are the three that I will review:

  • Hip Flexor with Lateral Glide
    • This one is working on your hip flexors like we often do, but this time I am using the superband to add a lateral glide.  This is just to try and get the head of the humerus moving and gliding within the hip joint.
  • Assisted Hip Flexor
    • With this stretch, the superband assists the stretch by helping to glide the hips forward.
  • Unilateral Lat Stretch
    • The superband adds a little more ‘pull’ to this stretch.  It feels great, give it a try.

You will hold each stretch for 30 seconds and you only need to do one rep on each side.  Give them a try and let me know what you think!


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