03-11-21 Live Q&A – ‘Balance Board’s For Goalies?’

Hey guys, Kevin here with Maria’s Facebook Live Q&A incase you missed it.

If you don’t have time to watch the full video, here’s the times we talked about each specific topic below:

1:37 – What’s an easy fast good breakfast?

4:45 – What to do if you just sprained your groin?

5:28 – When is the best time to workout?

6:40 – Post game locker room stretches?

8:42 – My daughter is 10 and her league is shutdown – what can we do to train?

10:45 – Balance board’s for goalies?

12:25 – Daughter has badly sprained knee – does it need to be checked out?

15:45 – goalie who needs to slimdown

18:00 – Airex pads – where to get

19:20 – Best body weight exercises for a 17yr old

20:30 – What basic equipment do we need for you equipment?

22:50 – I’ve done 2 off-season blocks of training in a row – what should I do now

26:00 – TRX – what I like about it

27:55 – 13 yr old butterfly stretches

Thanks for tuning in to hear all of Maria’s great advice!