Why go after Lance? Here’s why!

I was all set to sit down and write a stimulating post on choosing the correct number of sets and reps for your off-ice training program (I’ll post that later this week), but then I got sidetracked while listening to NHL Home Ice on XM satellite radio.

The boys were talking about the Tyler Hamilton interview on 60-Minutes last night.  In case you missed it, here is the reader’s digest version.   Tyler was a teammate of Lance Armstrongs’s when he rode with the US Postal Service.  He (Tyler) reported using banned performance enhancing drugs at the urging of his team.  He further reported witnessing Lance Armstrong consume low doses of testosterone and receiving injections of his own red blood cells which had been removed at an earlier time.  Basically he said that he cheated, that Lance cheated, that essentially everyone was cheating.

The boys on Home Ice were asking why the ‘witch hunt’ against Lance, if everyone was doing it why is a Grand Jury going after poor little Lance?

Well, maybe it is because he cheated and lied about it!  Maybe it is because he has been a symbol of what the human body can endure – and he has fully gone along with it.  It is not something that we manufactured on our own,  Lance perpetuated that ‘myth’ through his LiveStrong Foundation and Nike sponsorships.

Although the funds raised have had a positive impact on the end user – I feel that if it is based on a fraudulent hero, then it loses its luster.  Just to be clear, I still believe innocent until proven guilty, it is just that the evidence is mounting from guys who have nothing to gain by talking about it.

I always go back to baseball for this… If I say Andy Pettitte what do you think?  Now, if I say Roger Clemens what do you think?

When I think of Andy Pettitte I think of a guy who made a mistake, who fessed up and then went on with his career.  He did not lie about using performance enhancing drugs.  He admitted it, apologized for it and explained why he did it.

Clemens on the other hand still denies that he ever used them (despite the fact that they actually were not banned substances by MLB during the time in question) in the face of overwhelming evidence and in the process has basically ruined his reputation.

I do believe that most of the riders on the Tour de France use banned performance enhancing substances, so I do believe that if Lance was doping he did not do anything that other riders weren’t doing.  I just wish if he did use banned substances that he would take the high road, admit it and help save the sport of cycling.  Do something to make the sport that you love better rather than continue with the cover up.  Be a role model by accepting responsibility, accepting the consequences and moving on.

That had nothing to do with hockey training, but everything to do with being accountable for everything that goes into your body and making the right choices.  And I feel much better now!  Let me know what you think – leave a comment below.