When you should see a physiotherapist – Goalie Training Q&A – 7.27.23

Welcome to the July 27th edition of Goalie Training Q&A!  Are you an ice hockey goalie and have had nagging injuries or haven’t quite felt right while in goal?  Make sure to tune into today to get Maria’s thoughts on injuries, rehab and nagging pain!


Here are the time stamps for all the questions asked!

1:14       Pulled groin/hip flexor – high grade 2 strain recovered but still experiencing pain more in abdomen.  What could this be?

4:10       15 yo with hip and knee pain, PT says tight hip flexor but what can do to help not get injured?

7:56       Recent aggravation of groin, how best to modify program (Shutout Academy) so don’t lose weeks of training.

10:26    Best exercise for 13 yo to build leg strength?

Puck Battle Domination

11:57    See Maria’s thoughts on a 13 yo who was told to build muscle/weight in off season.

16:02    Just starting goaltending at 32yo.  How best to have lasting career?

Game Winning Goalie Formula

Butterfly Challenge

17:48    Is it good to do mobility in evenings?

18:20    Is it good for 14 yo goalie to get introduced to core strength?

19:47    Sport drink vs water?

20:12    GWGF does it qualify for training for work benefits?

21:37    My son is 12 yo – which programs good for him?

 Puck Battle Domination (when right age)

22:33    What is a good complimentary sport for an 8 yo goalie?

22:45    What do you think of Kevin Carr’s Instagram videos?

Thanks for tuning in!  Bonnie from the GTP Team