Universal Success Secrets…

The Turning Pro coaching program has grown since it started back in 2015. Part of the reason it has grown so quickly is that I LOVE it. Having the opportunity to help goalies achieve their goals and live their dreams is awesome…

Getting messages like this…



I literally got those two messages within 24 hours last week and when I look at the Turning Pro goalies who are taking BIG LEAPS in their performance, here are the success secrets they share…

• They take ownership of their success. I pretty much never hear from their parents, if something is going on, I hear from THEM right away. Not that I don’t like Mom and Dad, but when M or D is messaging me to tell me that Jonny has a sore knee, it shows a lack of ownership on the part of the athlete.

• They invest in their success. They look for great camps to attend, the ones where their limits will be stretched, not the ones where they can dominate. They invest in the best goalie coach they can find. I get to work with them because they invest in working online with me, so I can not only help maximize their performance on the ice, but also help them have a long and healthy career.

• They are systematic, their training isn’t what happens if there is time left over. It is scheduled into the day so it is a priority and it gets done.

• They look for a way to get it done, rather than looking for a reason to skip it. The MOST successful goalies in the Turning Pro coaching program adjust their training schedule to get their work done, for example one of my favourite goalies messaged me to ask for advice because he was going to a football game on the weekend with friends and family and then he was getting his wisdom teeth extracted, we came up with a plan to maximize his training. The less successful goalies in the program tell me after the fact – yeah, I missed that week because I was busy.

• The most successful goalies look after the small things. They develop the habit of excellence and practice it daily. They do not waste their time looking for gimmicks or tricks or trying to do what they saw on Instagram (it looked really cool). They do what they are supposed to do day in and day out.
• They keep stepping forward. When a door closes they keep knocking on the next door. They find a way.

So, use this as your measuring stick – – how many of these characteristics do you embody? If you want to be a better goalie, then do what the most successful goalies do. Your off-ice habits are what set you up for on-ice success. Do not under-estimate that.


PS – if you missed the FB Live In-Season Blueprint, I will ask Rachel to post it here on the blog sometime today.