Understanding Hip Impingement in Hockey Goalies – Goalie Training Q&A – 10.05.23

If you’re an ice hockey goalie and have had issues with hip impingement then you need to watch this video!  Included is a link below to get the pdf of the comprehensive guide on hip impingement to get a full understanding of the issues involved.



Here are the time stamps and questions on what was covered!

2:49       Maria’s thoughts on hip impingement

goalietrainingpro.com – “Hip Impingement in Hockey Goaltenders:  The Comprehensive Guide”

7:52       What is your advice for goalies who are going from inline hockey to ice hockey to make transition faster/easier.

8:38       Beer League/Adult Boot Camp went live FRIDAY OCTOBER 6th!  See coupon codes which are available until Monday October 9th

10:11    Day 15 of Core Reset – should you do the repeated exercises in Base One + Movement Mechanics One?

11:14    Looking for more information on Hockey Convention in Sweden – Maria will be speaking at it!


Maria is away next week so see you in two weeks (October 19th).  Thanks for tuning in!  Bonnie from the GTP Team