Training for Youth Ice Hockey Goalies – Goalie Training Q&A – 7.13.23

Welcome to your July 13th edition of Goalie Training Q&A where there’s some great questions about training for youth ice hockey goalies.  Check out what Maria’s thoughts are on whether weights are OK for a 14 year old goalie to use and what is the best training advice for a 10 year old goalie.  Enjoy!



Here are the time stamps for the questions asked:

3:11      Can you meet privately?  See Turning Pro Coaching Program`

6:52      Is it too early for a 14 year old to use weights in program?

11:10     What are good questions to ask while at a goalie camp run by an NHL goalie?

13:37    Best training advice for a 10 year old goalie?

15:32    Suggestions for inline hockey goalies?

17:08    Are hyper mobile joints an advantage for a goalie?

18:34    What’s the ideal weight for 15 ear old goalie?

Thanks for tuning in!  Bonnie from the GTP team