The Juggling “Controversy” – Goalie Training Q&A – 7.6.23

Welcome to the July 6th edition of Goalie Training Q&A!  Listen in to hear Maria “talk science” about biomechanics and injuries and of course you knew there was going to be some opinions behind whether juggling is good for ice hockey goalie training.  Make sure you tune in below!


Here are all the time stamps for the questions below…enjoy!

:58         Adult goalie with some arthritis in knees who has completed the Rapid Response Program.  What should they do for the next step?

2:52       How to deal with hip pain?

5:15       See why knowing so much about biomechanics can be a “pain”

6:20       While in butterfly knee burns in front of patella.  What can this be?

Make your hips and knees feel better | GOALIE PAD ADJUSTMENT

7:30      What are good off season/off ice workouts?

9:08      Dislocated patella and still feel clicking.  What can this be?

10:52    How can you improve speed in the net?

13:53    How do you get better at shuffles in net?

15:54    Where did Maria play?

16:21    Do you have the (old) program outlining sprinting program for goaltenders?

17:09    Radiohead or Coldplay?

17:55    What is the research that shows juggling isn’t effective for goalies?

22:30    My son is 11 yo goalie, can we discuss one on one coaching?

23:40    What do you think is the best transferable sport to help your goaltending?


Thanks for listening!  Bonnie from the GTP Team