The 3 ways to get quicker and more dominant during the season

Okay, now you are well into the season, you are back in to the routine of practices, games, life.  Now is the time to make a few key changes to start gaining momentum as you steam toward play-offs.
And I know it feels like play-offs are a long way away, but it also feels like the season just started and here we are already a couple months in.  Those first few months are a time when a lot of you fall off the wagon.  Even if you are pretty good at keeping up with your mobility training or your workouts, it is easy to get off track as the season cranks back up and you need to re-adjust your schedule.
So let’s get that on track whether you are usually ‘pretty good about it’ or making your first stab at goalie specific off-ice training.

You have two options here:

  1. You can do nothing and try to hang in there through play-offs.  Even if you are feeling good on the ice, I guarantee that you are getting slower as the season progresses.  You might not notice it, but 100% of the goalies that I test, who do not keep up with in-season training come back slower.  Without exception.
  2. You can do something to help you gain momentum as you build into play-offs, so you are hitting your peak when the season is on the line and all eyes are on you to steal a game or two for you team.
If you choose option #1 – then you can stop reading right now – see you ?
If you choose option #2 – then keep reading and I will give you 3 ways to gain momentum:

Strategy #1 – make sure your off-ice training program is adjusted to account for the DEMANDS OF IN-SEASON HOCKEY.  You cannot do the same type of training you do in the off-season and see the right results on the ice – – that might be worse than doing nothing.  I am not 100% sure on that, but I think it could be.

So make sure you drop the volume.  
You will do 2 sets (definitely no more than 3) of 2-6 reps for your big compound exercises/power exercises.
There will be 3-4 compound exercises in your workout (hip dominant, knee dominant, push, pull), then up to two supplemental drills – core, hip stability and finally, include speed/agility drills in your full body workouts – – typically 2 drills.
The entire in-season workout should take about 30-40 minutes.
Strategy #2 Include some more hip prehab work in your mobility training.  You should be doing mobility at LEAST 4 times per week, in the Shutout Academy we do it 5-6 days per week.
You want to shift your focus on RESTORATIVE MOBILITY and stability during the season to try and off-set the extra wear and tear from all your time on the ice.
Yes, you will continue working on expanding your envelope of mobility, but staying healthy is WAY more important than getting into the full splits.  If you have to miss games sitting on the bench, no one cares if you can ‘almost get” the full splits.
Strategy #3 Go after the low hanging fruit – NUTRITION this is a no brainer and totally within your control.  You decide what you put in your gob, so start making smarter and smarter decisions.
Want to know what to eat 3 hours before a game?  How about:
  • grilled chicken breast
  • pasta with tomato sauce
  • side of broccoli
  • large glass of water
And there you go.  It isn’t tricky, there aren’t secrets and you probably have a pretty good idea what you shouldn’t eat.
What about when you’re on the road with your team?  
Well, I am pretty sure you can go into any Boston Pizza, TGIFridays or whatever and ask for pasta with tomato sauce and a grilled chicken breast with a garden salad.
Here’s exactly what you ask for:
“Hi, I have a big hockey game tomorrow, so I am looking for something that is just like pasta with tomato sauce and a grilled chicken breast with a garden salad on the side.  Do you have anything like that?”
Simple.  DONE.
You’ve got this.  You are in the driver’s seat.  Nothing changes until you change your actions.
PS – next Tuesday I am going to make you an offer you can’t refuse if you are serious about gaining momentum.  That’s all I can tell you right now… it’s a secret (I shouldn’t have even told you this much… if any one asks, don’t tell them I told you ?)