Stationary Bike vs Elliptical – Pros and Cons – Goalie Training Q&A – 8.31.23

Welcome to your August 31st edition of Goalie Training Pro Q&A!  We might have experienced some technical difficulties with Facebook but don’t worry!  This is a great opportunity for you to join us on Instagram and view the Q&A from there!  If you don’t follow us be sure to give the goalietraining FOLLOW button a click!

****Bonus footage – tune and you’ll get a glimpse of Maria’s puppy Oslo!!

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Here are the questions covered!

  • Looking for training opportunities for 10 yo goalie
  • Any recommendations for exercises to help a tight lower back?  Tune is as it’s a bit of a loaded question!
  • See Maria’s pros and cons on stationary bikes and use for pre and post game warmup/cooldown
  • Should you work lacrosse ball on glutes pre and post practice/game?
  • A lacrosse goalie recovering from ACL surgery looking for help with training/rehab
  • Why when catching the puck does it always goes off heel of the glove?

Thanks for joining us!  Bonnie from the GTP Team