Sprinting Technique for Hockey Training

I had a great question a few weeks ago about proper sprinting mechanics for hockey training.  The question went like this….

don’t know how I didn’t know this, but apparently your supposed to sprint on only the balls of your feet. I usually have my foot hit the ground heel first, then push off with my toe. I’ve tried running on my toes, but it feels like my tendons and ankles aren’t strong enough. How do I get to being able to sprint on my toes

This is a major misconception – I was told the same thing when I was in high school.  It was not until I had the opportunity to learn from legendary speed coach Loren Seagrave that I learned how sprinters actually run with a dorsiflexed ankle, let me show you how in the video below….


You may think that how you sprint when you are doing your hockey training doesn’t really matter, you are a hockey player after all, not a sprinter.  But it does make a difference. Using proper technique will make you faster (and who doesn’t want to finish their sprint workout a little quicker) and it will take a huge load off your achilles tendon and calf muscles, reducing your risk of tendonosus.  Both are well worthwhile.

Now, here is my warning – if you have not sprinted since 1989, please do not go out today and start sprinting full out, you will risk tearing your hip flexor, hamstring, gastrocs, quads, you name it!  Go easy.

Happy training.