Q&A – Three A Days For a Beer Leaguer

Some beer league goalies apologize for ‘bothering’ me when they email to ask a question. They say, “I’m not a young hot-shot goalie and I won’t make it to the NHL at this stage”.

That’s cool – I still love ya!

I have made my mission clear – to help 10,000 of you win more games with fewer injuries AND to get 10 of you into the NHL with 3 of you winning the Stanley Cup – there is space for everyone in that MISSION!

I love beer leaguers because honestly, many of them have a passion for the game and a drive to be better that frankly puts many a ‘young hot-shot’ to shame.

It is one of the big reasons that when I run the Ultimate Goalie Training Live each year (yes I am doing it again this year – look for details in March), I have everyone work together. I want the young-guns to see what it takes.

Anyway, I had a question about 3-a-days (that’s training three times per day) from a adult league goalie who I am guessing had a bad game the night before.

So for starters, everyone has a bad night from time to time, don’t let it get you down.

Secondly, I admire your passion and drive.

Thirdly, as a “mature” (on the age scale, not behavior scale) goalie, you actually need to do less, not more.

In my 20+ years as a trainer, I have had the privilege of training some elite players through their entire career. From a young guy, trying to keep his spot on the roster to a veteran trying to get a few more years out of his body.

The amount we have to drop the volume as they get close to and beyond 30 is surprising. Notice I said we drop the VOLUME – the intensity stays up there, we just do less of it.

So resist the temptation to do 3-a-days. You can do 1-a-days or 3-A-WEEKS, but even the elite players I train don’t do many 3-a-days.

Put your extra effort into nutrition and recovery (I have an article on that later in the week).


Let’s also not forget that you have a life, which may include a job and a family and those are some rather inflexible hurdles to clear as well. So go for a consistent 20-40 minutes vs a destined to fail 2+ hour workouts.

  • Get more value with less wear and tear, you just can’t take a shot-gun approach as you get older
  • Be strategic (know exactly what you are trying to train)
  • Make it fit life by keeping the duration down
  • Have a workout that you can even do at home with some basic equipment so you don’t HAVE to go to the gym.

So those are your guidelines, adjust your goals and workouts to fit them and you will notice that you are getting your training done more consistently while moving more athletically on the ice – and that is the goal right?

Enjoy – Cheers,

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