NextGen Beta Launch Questions – Goalie Training Q&A – 11.30.23

Welcome to our Goalie Training Pro Q&A!  A busy day on the Q&A live with lots of questions about the Beta launch of the NextGen Academy.  This is a goalie training program for youth goalies 10-13 years old.  Keep an eye out for the revised programming to come out before the end of the year!



Here are the time stamps and questions for all that was covered!

0:41     NextGen Beta Launch came out last weekend.  Feedback coming in for launch aimed before the end of the year

4:11     Do you recommend biking after ice session?

5:11     Day 3 post op and physio starting tomorrow

6:00     Is the NextGen program appropriate for a 13 yo goalie or should they be doing Maria’s other programs?

8:13     Can I do core workout after ice training and before stretches?

8:30     Can the program be purchased in Canadian funds?

11:00   Please do a workout together with Kasimir Kaskisuo!

11:30   If I purchase the NextGen program does it expire?

12:10   Do you have course for goalie coaches?

13:31   How do you know when to stay up or drop down when getting a shot

16:15   What do you think about the Visual Edge program?

17:07   How are the exercises explained and shown in the NextGen program?

17:45   Can everything can be done at home with the NextGen program?  How long does each session take?

19:18   My son is 13yo and 5’11.  Should he wait a year and do Maria’s “regular” programming instead of the NextGen program?

21:28   C1 Standing Miniband clamshell – 2012 timing.  Tempo is lift 1, hold 2, close 2, 0 pause

22:45   Strained MCL last year and recently aggravated it, what’s next best steps

Goalietrainingprotv – “How Hockey Goalies Come Back from MCL Injuries” and “Make Your Hips and Knees Feel Better – Goalie Pad Adjustment”

24:11   When 12yo goalies does butterfly on backdoor pass he ends up on stomach at end.  Is this a core strength issue?  What can be done to correct it?

27:44   Any tips for a 11yo goalie who has a 3cm leg length difference?

29:08   Is there a login page or do you get sent the videos for NextGen program?

Thanks for tuning in!  Bonnie from the GTP Team