New Sled Exercise For Hockey Players (AKA Quads Of Steel)


The sled is a legit tool for off-ice hockey training and this off-ice hockey exercise is for goalies and skaters alike.

If you have used a sled for hockey training, you have probably pushed it, today I am going to go over a great combo which is a sled push to pull and the video will show you how to position yourself for the pull so you are really targeting your skating quads rather than just using your body weight to drag it.

Here is the video…

Can’t see the video?  Here’s the link…

You can use this one to build strength, speed or stamina depending on how you manipulate the sets, reps and tempo.

Strength would be heavier sled, fewer reps and slower tempo.

Want Maria To Custom Design Your Off-Season Training-CLICK HERESpeed would be a lighter sled, fewer reps and a very fast tempo.

Want Maria To Custom Design Your Off-Season Training-CLICK HEREWant Maria To Custom Design Your Off-Season Training-CLICK HEREFor stamina, you will alternate between the push and pull 4-6 times over about 10 yards of distance (it should take you 20-40s of work).

It makes a great partner off-ice drill – you go, then your partner goes while you rest.  You can encourage each other, you can time one another to compete.  If you have one partner, do 4 rounds each and then take a 2-minute rest, then repeat another 4 rounds.  You can do up to 3 rounds.

If there are three of you doing it together, then continue until you have each done 10 rounds.

Easy enough?  Now go for it!


PS – please don’t message me to ask how to do the exercise without a sled – it is a SLED exercise silly!

PPS – little update on Andrew who I told you about last week – he emailed to let me know his team was through to the 3rd round of the play-offs, he was named OJHL Goalie of the Year AND is getting attention from D1 schools.  Yeah, not a bad week for Andrew.  Remember these seeds were sown last summer and not he is reaping the rewards.