Learning to be confident – Goalie Training Q&A – 6.22.23

Hi Team!  Welcome to the June 22nd edition of Goalie Training Q&A.  Are you an ice hockey goalie and struggling with your confidence?  You’re not alone!  Make sure to tune into this Q&A and learn about Maria’s thoughts on how you can gain confidence.



See below for all the questions and timestamps – enjoy!

1:30      Where is Maria’s “headquarters” located?

1:47      What exercises rotate the lumbar vertebrae?

5:25      How much is one private session?

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7:56      Listen here to what was some of Maria’s key takeaways from the Global Goaltending Retreat!

10:53    What’s the biggest difference between goalie gloves?

11:35    What’s a good starting point for an off season training program for a beer league goalie?

13:27    Is your partner a hockey goalie too?

16:19    Does weight training stunt your growth?

18:22    Do you have a video on proper form for front squat?

20:43    Do you have a daily/weekly workout plan?

See Youtube:  GoalieTrainingProTV

21:11    Can the Butterfly challenge be accessed on android?

22:04    Looking for ideas for workouts after coming back from strained hip flexor.

23:50    My son is in London for three weeks this summer.  Can he do one on one training for that time?

25:37    Watch here on what Maria’s thoughts are on coaching confidence!

See you next week!  Bonnie from the GTP Team