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hockey workouts

What type of hockey player are you?

You know there are three types of hockey players:

  1. Those that make things happen
  2. Those who wait for something to happen
  3. Those who wonder, ‘What happened?’

Today I want to tell you a story about an athlete who almost became a number 3 from the list above, but made a U-turn and became an action taker (and pro hockey player in the process) so get yourself a glass of milk, a protein bar and gather round, it is story time…

This player was referred to us through his agent.  He had a chance to step up and play at the next level but he was sitting about 20lbs overweight and the agent thought that might hold him back. D’ya think?

I remember seeing him walk through the door, he was a monster – my guess is 6’6” and yeah, he was carrying some extra pounds for sure!  I think we weighed him in around 249lbs.  MONSTER.

He said all the right things during his interview, so we brought him onto the Team Revolution.  He told us that he had trained hard during the off-season, but he never seemed to lose the weight or build the speed or have the stamina he wanted when the season rolled around.

So that left us with two possibilities, either he was working hard other years, but working on the wrong things OR he was blatantly lying to our faces and had not done a thing.

Tyler was in charge of Big Ben’s day-to-day training and we started him with a foundation program that was pretty basic – like bodyweight squats basic.  I could hear Ben out in the gym huffing and puffing – this kid was not in great shape.

Big Ben doing battle with the hill.

I invited him to our Saturday morning hill runs and he barfed the first four weeks.  Now, I never try to make an athlete barf, but it happens.  You know what is remarkable?  He never missed a rep because of his digestive challenges.  If there was a barf-break, Ben ran the remaining hills when everyone else was resting.  I was impressed.

And so we built from a bodyweight squat up to yesterday when he front squatted 250lbs with perfect form.  His perfect deadlift is up to 325lbs – for a big man this is remarkable.  He has lost 34lbs of fat and gained 16lbs of muscle mass.  Do you think Ben is going to hit guys like a freight train this season?

You see, even when Ben had to drive 1.5 hours to play AAA hockey for an out of town team because he could not make the one in his home town, he told me that he always knew he would play pro hockey one day.  He had that feeling that he was put on this planet to play pro hockey.

Ben got a shot last season when he was called up to the CHL.  What he found was that he couldn’t keep up.  He was close to blowing his shot. Even at that stage he did not think he needed extra work off the ice.

But this off-season everything changed.  After Ben’s first skate he told Coach Tyler how he “felt like he had new legs”.  I was talking with him just yesterday about the coming season and it was amazing as he told me, “I can do everything I want to do on the ice without worrying about my legs or conditioning holding me back” and this is after only 4-months of proper training.  Imagine the possibilities.

“I can do everything I want to do on the ice without worrying about my legs or conditioning holding me back.” – Ben Woodley, Orlando Solar Bears, ECHL

Amazing, eh?  Imagine being able to do whatever you want to do on the ice!

Does any of Ben’s story resonate with you?  Is there a little piece of you that believes that you might be good enough?  Is it worth giving it a try?

Tyler and I want to help you become what you may have only hoped you could be, we want to help you have more fun on the ice and we want to reduce your risk of injury.  Here is how we are going to do that…

We are opening the  This is a place where you get a new hockey specific off-ice workout program each month.

The workout includes training for flexibility, stability, strength, speed and stamina.  It is a progressive program so you will build from where you are now to where you want to be.  Each month you get a new workout.

We have made it as affordable as possible and we are doing even better than that because we are offering a special pre-release deal to those of you who read this site or get the emails.

So let me tell you this, is officially OPEN.  The first 50 of you to sign up get a charter membership for only $7.95 – remember it is a membership site with a new workout each month, so you are billed $7.95 per month until you decide to unsubscribe.

The last thing I will tell you is that like all of my products, this one comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.  I don’t need to use it very often – typically it is for people who are too lazy to even do the workouts and I am always happy to give them their money back because is all about taking action.

Okay enough from me – click HERE to learn more about

hockey workouts

 If you are a goalie do not buy this product!  I have one for you already, it is called and you can learn more HERE.

P.S. If you happen to miss out on the fast action bonus, I am sorry but it is only for the first 50 action takers.  Even if a rabid gorilla snatched your laptop and climbed to the top of the highest gum tree in your neighborhood and stayed there for three days, once the 50 are gone, that deal is off the table (sounds like the NHLPA/NHL now doesn’t it?).