How to Unlock Your Muscles with this Essential Recovery Routine for Goalies

Are you a hockey goalie who struggles to relax after a big game? Join Maria in today’s Goalie Training ProTV video for a post-ice recovery and relaxation routine as one piece of your off-ice goalie training. This quick, (less than) 10-minute, goalie specific practice not only helps your muscles relax but also resets your mental state from the intense ‘fight or flight’ mode to ‘rest and recover.’

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Here’s the goalie post-skate recovery routine:

  • Foam Roll: Adductors, Quadriceps, ITB Borders (30s each)
  • Half Groin Rock Back: 6 each side (5s hold)
  • Half Groin Rotation: 30s each side
  • Passive Groin Stretch on Wall w Arms Overhead: Focus on breathing (90s)

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