Ultimate 12-Minute Goalie Warm-Up…coming soon!

Ultimate 12-Minute Goalie Warm UpJust wanted to give you a head’s up that I am putting the final touches on a new secret weapon for you.  It is the Ultimate 12-Minute Goalie Warm-Up and it will help you dominate from the second the puck drops.  If you are still sitting on the ice stretching out your groins before the game or practice then you are missing out on your potential.

This dynamic warm-up program will help players of all levels from the elite to the beer leaguers – even those elite beer leaguers will benefit!

As usual I have thrown in some free bonuses and as usual I will release it here first!  My business coach and I are arguing about the price – he wants me to charge $47, but I only want to charge $37 – stay tuned to see who wins this argument!


PS – my goal is to release it before this Sunday.