Off-Ice Interrogation 2: Flexibility & Stability tests every goalie should pass.

I am literally writing this post from 35,000 feet!  I just hopped a plane (which actually has wifi!) out of Detroit and I am heading to Las Vegas – no not for a weekend of wild partying (remember my bed time is usually 8:30/9:00pm Eastern time!  With the time change, I am going to be looking to shut ‘er down around 6:00pm tonight!

I am off to spend time with the mastermind group I belong to.  In many ways we are like your hockey team, we share a similar passion, we hold each other accountable to succeed and we have two coaches – Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne.  Everyone on the team is a fitness pro and we are all passionate about running fitness businesses that offer exceptional value.

So I will be spending the next two days in a conference room improving my business which is fun for me and should be beneficial to you as well.  Okay, on to the business of the day…

As promised, here is the second of the four part series on the elements that build a successful off-ice goalie training program.  The elements that don’t just make you bulky, but those that help you win more games with fewer injuries.  Today the focus is on Flexibility & Stability

Go check it out here:

Off-Ice Interrogation 2

Later today I will post Off-Ice Interrogation 3 looking at building strength that helps you capitalize on those cat like reflexes on the ice.