Off-Ice Hockey Training Q&A: stretching, powerlifting, equipment

Hope you are enjoying a relaxing Easter weekend.  We were over to Paul’s parents last night for a big time feast and today we will head over to visit my Mom for a while.  My Mom was born in Canada, but both her parents were Greek immigrants, so we will celebrate the Orthodox Easter in May.  By ‘celebrate’ I mean my brother and his family will come to town and we will go out for dinner.  We were not raised going to church so that is the extent of our Easter 🙂

I Goofed…

Thank you to those of you who let me know there was a problem with the UGT VIP link.  I am sorry – there was a missed communication between Clickbank (the outfit that actually sells the products) and myself.  I missed an email they sent me asking a question about the product which kept it from being officially ‘approved for public sale’.

I responded as soon as I figured out the problem, but since it is a holiday weekend I am guessing it may be Tuesday by the time I get a reply and approval.  I will send an email to let you know when we are good to go.   And since I screwed up I will let 40 of you join in rather than just the 30 I had planned.

Today’s Off-Ice Hockey Training Q&A

In today’s 6-minute off-ice hockey training Q&A I answer questions about –

  • whether goalies should do 20 stretches and hold for only 10-15 seconds or if there is a better way [GOALIES]
  • what equipment is needed to join the Goalie Workout Of The Month Club – hint: not very darn much 🙂 [GOALIES]
  • training strength using low rep heavy loads and high rep bodyweight training (this post tells you how to structure your off-season hockey training) [GOALIES/SKATERS]
  • training power using powerlifting techniques – NOT the thing to do by the way – confused? [GOALIES/SKATERS]