From Good to Great: W.O.O.P. Goal Setting for Ice Hockey Goalies

Discover the power of goal setting with your “From Good to Great: W.O.O.P. Goal Setting for Ice Hockey Goalies”. This video is a must-watch for ice hockey goalies at any level looking to set meaningful goals and achieve them effectively. 

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What’s Inside: – An in-depth exploration of the W.O.O.P. (Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan) goal-setting method.

  • Practical examples and exercises to help you apply W.O.O.P. to your personal goalie goals.
  • Insights into how to overcome common obstacles and stay motivated.

Why Watch: – Move beyond traditional goal-setting techniques with a method that addresses potential challenges and prepares you for success.

  • Tailored specifically for hockey goalies, helping you improve not just in the net but in all aspects of your game and life.
  • Ideal for goalies who want to set their sights higher and achieve more in the upcoming season.

Set your goals, overcome obstacles, and achieve greatness!

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