Hockey Goalie Leg Training: Push Press to Reverse Lunge

I think you will like this complex that works your legs, your arms and challenges your dynamic core stability.  It is the Push Press to Reverse Lunge and here is why I love it for you.

#1 – it starts with a quick impulse with the legs where you have to generate a lot of speed in a short amount of time (that sounds like something that is helpful in the crease doesn’t it).

#2 – as you press overhead you need to use your abdominals to maintain your neutral spine.  The tendency will be to hyper-extend your back a bit.  NOTE: if you cannot get into this position without extending your lower back, then my suspicion is that your lats are tight and you should leave this one out until you get that sorted out.

#3 – you have to be stable in that supporting leg and hip as you step back into the reverse lunge.

#4 – you can really use your glutes as the primary hip extensor to help you return to the starting position – make sure you think about pulling yourself up and over that lead leg using your glutes.

Start with 4-6 reps on each side.

Watch your knee alignment on this one; don’t drive them too far forward and don’t let them fall inward.

Happy training.