Game Winning Goalie Formula – Goalie Training Q&A – 6.29.23

Hi Team!  Welcome to the June 29th edition of Goalie Training Q&A!  Have you seen the new Game Winning Goalie Formula site? Goalie Training Pro

Tune into the video below as Maria goes into some depth about the program, answering some commonly asked questions.


Here are the time stamps for all the topics covered:

1:35       Interested in the Game Winning Goalie Formula?  Tune in here to get the scoop from Maria on what’s involved, the difference between it and the Turning Pro Coaching Program and more!

6:49      Can playing an instrument help your goalie training?

11:09    What are the top 5 stretches goalies can do?

Five Must Do Groin Stretches for Hockey Goalies

Butterfly Challenge

13:30    Brand new goalie to the game.  What are some good exercises?

Hockey Goalie Warm up Before a Game

Off ice Warmups for Goaltenders

16:49    Do you have any videos on internal rotation “

3 Steps to Perfect Butterfly

Dynamic Butterfly Mastery

18:31    Do you use FRC mobility techniques?

19:55    Does Maria do remote coaching?

21:09    What is your training program like?

21:49    Looking for feedback on exercise (lunge lateral with kettle bell exercise)

23:39    Advice on exercises to do if coming back from torn PCL/MCL/LCL


Thanks for tuning in!  Bonnie from the GTP Team