EOTW: The Dexterity Drill That Gave Goalies Trouble

Goalie camp with Wayne Gretzky

The Wayne Gretzky Sports Complex in Brantford, ON

I made a trip to Brantford (yes, hometown of the ‘Great One’) to work with Kevin Beech and this goalies at the ProGoaltending Camp – it was a great group to work with and one of the drills I did with both the older and the younger group gave a few of the goalies major trouble, so I thought it would be a good EOTW for you.

The other part of the story is that I was feeling a little under the weather all week, but with things so busy in the gym this time of year there was no time to let off the gas.  By the time I drove home from Brantford, I was done!  I headed straight to bed where I spent the rest of Friday feeling awful.  After a good night sleep I felt some better on Saturday but still rested and by today I am feeling pretty good.

So the moral of that story is – you cannot burn your candle at both ends.  Do not neglect your rest!

Some look like a turtle…

If you cannot see the video in the player above, just click the link below…

Today’s goalie exercise of the week is one I have used for years to work on body dexterity – which is just managing and controlling your body through different movements in different positions.  Some goalies have no problem with it, they think it is fun, but others look like a turtle that has been flipped upside down on its shell.  Arms and legs going, but no progress.

I think mobility is the key reason most struggle.  Goalies need sufficient mobility in the hips, knees, ankle and back to get your feet under you and your centre of mass over your feet.

Key Technical Points

  • You can use your elbows when you go to your belly, but not your hands
  • Your arms must remain crossed the entire time
  • Going slowly will be more challenging than going quickly

How Much? How Many?

I often use this off-ice drill for goalies as an active rest during interval training or as a supplemental exercise during the strength workout.  We will do it either for a time (typically 30 seconds) or for 3-6 reps depending on the skill of the goalie.

Give it a try – see if you look like a turtle 🙂