Difference between GWGF, Turning Pro and Beer League Boot Camp – Goalie Training Q&A – 9.28.23

Are you an ice hockey goalie and interested in learning the differences between the programs in Goalie Training Pro?  Make sure to tune in to this video.  Now that the latest Beer League/Adult Goalie Boot Camp is in testing, the questions are flowing in.  You can all look forward to joining this program soon!



See below for the questions and time stamps!

0:54       30 yo beginner goalie saying thanks to Maria for her programming (we all know she’s the best!)

1:47       Beer League Boot Camp beta tester wants to know how to incorporate programming when already on the ice 4 times a week

4:22       8 yo goalie tried Toko yellow wax on goalie pads – tune in to hear how Maria uses the ski wax!

7:15       What is the reason around building each exercise in the Beer League Boot Camp?  Bonus info is Maria explaining the difference between Game Winning Goalie Formula, Turning Pro Coaching Program and Beer League Boot Camp

11:50    Advice for goalie who is returning after total hip replacement two years ago

15:00    Lateral squats caused knee pain and swelling the next day. Any ideas on why?

17:14    Go to gym 3x week, bike workouts, recovery rides, 3-4 games a week.  How to incorporate Beer League Boot Camp into this schedule?

19:15    With a very busy schedule, can the day off in the Boot Camp be switched to another day?

20:45    With calf cramps, what should you do the next day?  Day off?  Keep training?

22:00    Are there alternate exercises or modifications for different injuries in the Beer League Camp?

24:14    Summer goalie camp recommendation for 12 yo goalie?

25:24    13yo daughter who’s a skater but wants to be goalie.  What level and how to sign her up to start?

Thanks for tuning in!  Bonnie from the GTP Team