Boost Your On Ice Speed: Level 2 Off Ice Drills for Goalies

Don’t miss this video if you want to take your goaltending to the next level with our “Boost Your On-Ice Speed: Level 2 Off-Ice Drills for Goalies.” This video is tailored for goalies who are serious about enhancing their speed and agility on the ice through focused off-ice training. Watch as each drill is demonstrated with key focus points to ensure you’re getting the most out of your training.

If you can’t view the video above you can go directly to:

Here’s the breakdown of 3 advanced off-ice drills covered in the video:

  1. Lateral Hop + Stick – 2 Count
  2. Quick Step Lateral Hold w Iso Hold
  3. Half Kneeling Outer Range Push

BONUS Drill:

  1. Lateral Push Read and React w/ Switched On App – a revolutionary way to train your reaction time AND your on-ice speed.

Why watch?

  • These drills are a must watch, they’re carefully designed to improve your lateral movement, stability, and explosive power, directly translating to better performance on the ice.
  • Understand not just the ‘how’ but the ‘why’ behind each exercise, helping you train smarter.
  • Perfect for goalies who have completed Level 1 training and are looking to step up their game. 

Don’t forget to check out our Level 1 video if you’re just starting out:

Your journey to becoming a faster, more agile goalie starts here!

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