Autopsy of an off-ice hockey workout


I know many of you have a program that looks very similar to this and you don’t even know that you could be using your time so much more wisely to actually improve your performance on the ice.

On a weekly basis I get emails asking if I have any ideas for what you could do off the ice to improve your flexibility, strength, speed or stamina on the ice.

The answer is ‘yeah, I have just a few ideas’.

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Anyway, instead of sending the answer to just one of you, I am going to post my answer here for all to see.

More Stamina…

So this player is running out of gas really quickly during shifts and wondered what to do.

Without knowing what you are currently doing, it is hard for me to say, if this player were doing everything properly off the ice already, I would be more inclined to think it was a nutrition or dehydration issue.

Lesson:  If you wish to ask, ‘what should I do’ – please send along a detailed explanation of what you are currently doing.  A picture or screen shot of your training journal is ideal.

If you don’t have a training journal, then that is your first mistake – it means you are not following a progressive system the way the pros do – this is a proven success strategy and every serious player should be using it.

This player also did not tell me their age, so I am assuming they are fourteen years of age or older.

Here is the workout…


  • Lat pull down
  • Row
  • Shrugs
  • Bench press
  • DB Shoulder Press


  • Bar bell squat
  • Single leg squat with dumbbells
  • Squat jump with med. ball
  • Split jumps


  • Russian twists
  • Plank
  • 6 – inches
  • Window wipers

I usually do either legs or arms on one day then switch and abs every other day.

So this is an upper/lower split with an Ab routine.  I am glad this player asked for help, they could feel that they were missing something and they were right.

So here is my suggestion…

Get rid of the ‘Abs’ all together – I have not used an ‘ab circuit’ for at least 5 years –

Here’s what we do instead…

During the season, we don’t typically do an upper/lower split, so I would make that a full body routine that you do 2 times per week and then you can do some extra stamina training once per week to start – we don’t want to add too much fatigue on top of your games and practices.

I would have your workout look more like this…

Full Body Strength – the reps will vary based on the phase of training.  This player didn’t let me know what rep range they are using now, so it is tough to say what rep range they should be using for their strength exercises.

  • Single Leg Squat To Tap
  • Push Up & Stabilize (lift one arm at the top and hold for 2s)
  • Squat Jump x 6 reps
  • Glute Bridge
  • Staggered Stance Cable Or BG Row
  • Glider Squat Lateral
  • Split Squat Jump x 3 each
  • Side Plank & Hold 60s – add 5s each week up to 90s

For a nice in-season strength routine that includes some functional upper body exercises (you don’t need to do shrugs at all), check out…

For stamina training start here…


So that will be two full body routines per week (max of three if you are not playing many games) and two stamina routines per week following the 20 on: 10 off Tabata system.

Here’s exactly what I want you to start with…

  • Dynamic Warm Up
  • 20s on:10s off x 8
  • Rest 3’
  • 20s on:10s off x 6
  • Done.

After two weeks of that, add a third set of 20s on: 10s off x 4 and then you are done.

I know it is not a lot of volume – but it is quality stamina work.  Trust me, if you are doing it right, you won’t want to do even one more rep after the first set.  If you get to the end and think ‘ that wasn’t bad’ – – you didn’t push yourself enough.

Then you can progress to the routine found here –

Remember the goal during the season is to get maximum bang for your buck, while limiting fatigue.


PS – happy – happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the US – and I AM jumping on the ‘Black Friday’ sale bandwagon – AND I AM going to be starting that tonight (Thursday) at 6pm – so keep an eye on your email for the announcement.