Youth Goalie Training Programming for 10-13 year olds – Goalie Training Q&A – 11.16.23

Do you know an ice hockey goalie in the 10-13 year old range?  Or are you one?  Then make sure to keep your eyes out on the Youth Training Beta Program Launch coming next week! If you’re not on the email list then make sure you email:


See below for all the questions and time stamps!

1:05       Have you had goalies with Osgoode Schlatter’s and how do you work training around it?

Goalietrainingprotv – “Hockey goalie with Osgoode Schlatter’s” and “Off Ice Goalie training – Patellofemoral Pain”

5:16       Best on ice drills for 16 yo goalie?

6:47       What are a few good exercises for young goalie for hips, hamstrings and quads?  Spoiler Alert – Beta Launch of training for goalies for 10-13 year old goalies coming November 24th!

10:21    30 yo goalie new to the game with some knee and back issues – any training ideas?

Goalietrainingprotv – Search “beginner” or “adult” and Butterfly Challenge

13:40    What are some good exercises to improve splits

Goalietrainingprotv – Search “How to do the Splits”

17:12    Do you do on ice training for 11yo goalies?

18:13    Most important muscles in arms for goalies to train?  Is it different for glove vs blocker hand?

20:45    Advice for goalie adapting to a new Bauer Ultrasonic Chestie?  Problems with neck area fit.

Thanks for watching!  Bonnie from the GTP Team