Off Ice Speed For Hockey Goalies | Level 1

If you’re an ice hockey goalie and are feeling the NEED for SPEED then check out these level 1 exercises to help in your off ice training so you can STAND OUT on the ice next season.



If you can’t view the above video, the direct link is:

There are TWO kinds of speed that goalies NEED to PERFORM – 1) Starting/Impulse Speed, and 2) Moving/Dynamic speed

Here is a breakdown of the exercises that are covered:
1) Knee Down Vertical Jump
2) Knee Down Lateral Skate Bound
3) Quick Step and Stick
4) Lateral Hop and Stick
5) Quick Step Lateral Hop
6) SL Line Hop
7) Front to Back Line Hop

If you need more post-to-post speed, then hit this video –

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