Is One Side Of Your Body Smarter Than The Other? – Goalie Training Q&A – 10.26.23

Welcome to the October 26th edition of Goalie Training Pro Q&A where ice hockey goalies can get tune in and get all your pressing questions answered by Maria!  Topics covered include Maria’s theory on your smart side and “dumb” but strong side of your body, strategies on how to stay productive and positive while recovering from injuries and much more!


Here are the questions and time stamps from today’s Q&A:

2:14       Goalie having hip issues on one side while in butterfly.  Hear what Maria’s thoughts are on the strong or smart side of your body vs “dumb” but strong side of your body and how it might affect your movement

See Goalietrainingprotv and search “butterfly”

6:06       What to do if you’re not getting the playing time you expect or were promised.

11:36    What’s the best skating drill for a young goalie?  (Hint…Maria isn’t a goalie coach) but keep an eye out for youth goalie training program coming soon!

13:24    Any tips for shorter goalies?

15:10    Strategies on how to maintain a positive attitude while recovering from injury?

17:08    Heavy weights before practice so goalie is shaky and tired during practice.  How best to approach this?

19:57    Iliopsoas release – how do you know if it’s working?

21:37    What body fat percentage is ideal for a goalie?

23:45    Thoughts on bungees for toe ties vs lace

Thanks for joining in!  Bonnie from the GTP Team