Insight on Maria’s GTP Video Topics – Goalie Training Q&A – 11.02.23

Welcome to our first Q&A for November!  Listen in to get some insight on Maria’s weekly schedule and inspiration behind her some of her videos.  Take a look at some gadgets from recoverfun_global (Instagram) and how they’ve inspired some video topics that are coming soon.  Plus an Oslo the puppy update!



Here are the questions and time stamps!

6:03       50 yo goalie – can’t get 5-hole closed

9:29       Come back to goaltending after 13 year absence with existing knee issues (surgery and osteoarthritis). What can do about medial pain while playing.

goalietrainingprotv – search “butterfly”

17:53    How sharp should I have my skates?

20:43    Tune in here if you want an idea of what Maria is sharing at the Coaching Symposium in Sweden

24:12    54 yo goalie commented on how knee replacements have improved so much, have had both replaced and told won’t need to replace again

25:08    Thoughts on what to change to relieve ankle pain on one side?

27:24    Beginner goalie, how to incorporate butterfly challenge on sled

28:25    Message included a video of a goalie doing fast butterfly pushes/movements – is it possible?

30:21    How useable is one pad down (VH -vertical/horizontal) to cover post?  Hear what Maria’s thoughts are on RVH and VH

Thanks for tuning in!  Bonnie from the GTP Team