Inside Scoop on Youth Training Program – Goalie Training Q&A – 10.19.23

Welcome to the October 19th edition of Goalie Training Pro Q&A!  Tune in to hear the questions from our ice hockey goalies about the Beer League Boot Camp programming PLUS listen in to get the scoop on the Youth Training Programming (ages 10-13) that will be coming out soon!


Here are the questions and time stamps!

2:26       Interested in Beer League Boot Camp (BLBC) and not on email list.  How do I get on the list?


3:26       Will Beer League Boot Camp (BLBC) program help a 15yo goalie?

3:53       A goalie is doing BLBC on top of regular programming.  Concerns with how body is feeling – what is a blockage vs impingement and how should each be handled?

7:24       Is a bike workout good for goalie?

9:35      BLBC question – Reach/roll/lift – do whole movement each time or reach, roll and then lift 6 times?

9:56       BLBC question – Supine hip internal rotation – keep feet flat?

10:35    BLBC question – Pails and rails – do on each side?

11:24    Can add a few static stretches to in season goalie stretches for post game?

13:13    BLBC question – any risk with injury with doing a lot of cycling?

15:38    At what age should incorporate exercises to avoid hip injuries?

**TUNE IN here to hear about a program for 10-13 yo goalies!

19:04    Any recommendations for youth sport psychologist to help work on focus?