Ice Hockey Goalies | Hip Maintenance

Are you a ice hockey goalie with stiff and sore hips?  Are you looking for off ice exercises to help reduce that hip pain and stiffness? Or are you even just looking for general hip maintenance?  Then make sure you check out the seven exercises covered in this video that will be key for you!


If you can’t see the video above then here is the direct link: 

REMEMBER, these cannot cure an actual injury, so if you feel more discomfort or something just does not feel right, make sure you have your hips checked out by a professional.


– LAX on TFL- 1x 30s each

– LAX on Hip Flexor – 1x 30s each

– LAX on Upper Glute -1x 30s each

– Prone Hip IR -1×10 (3s push)

– Prone Figure 4 -1x 60s each

– Adductor Squeeze -2×6 (5s hold)

– Quadruped Fire Hydrant – 2x6ea (5s hold)


Watch this video to see if you are feeling early symptoms of Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) →

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