Why Elite Athletes Need The Basics, Deep Cleaning Gear & Purpose Built Training – Goalie Training Q&A – 01.25.24

Live Q&A Goalie Training Pro

Join Maria Mountain in this weekly live Q&A to learn more about why even elite athletes need to start with the basics for off-ice training.  She also dives in to understanding competencies across age & experience levels to ensure safe, effective 0ff-ice goaltending training for every goalie between the pipes.  If your curious about deep cleaning gear, how to get back into the game after a pause or when to re-start your base training coming out of physical therapy, she has answers for all that too. 

Check out the topics below:

1:25: Goalie Training Camps In-Person

2:45: Maria’s Past Camps & Future Camps Schedule.

4:10: Spidey-Sense for learning Angles

5:10: Getting Back into the Game after a Break, use the Butterfly Challenge

8:21: Restarting Base Training after Physical Therapy

10:15: Learning Box Control with Sense Arena (Use the code GTP50)

11:20: Maria’s Tips for Deep Cleaning Gear

13:50: Age, Skill Level & Competencies for Training Goalies at all Levels

16:00 – Why the NextGen Goalie Academy is purposed built for 10-13 year old goalies

Curious about what you heard in the Q&A? Check out the Butterfly Challenge, a 14 day FREE program to transform your butterfly. And for those 10-13 year old tendy’s who aren’t quite ready for full strength training, check out the downloadable, purpose built NextGen Goalie Academy.

Appreciate you all tuning in this week.  Join Maria live Thursdays at 2pm EST on Facebook or Instagram.