Do you need mobility or flexibility for the splits – Goalie Training Q&A – 4.20.23

Welcome to the April 20th Goalie Training Q&A with the one and only Maria Mountain!  Watch as she gets the question “I’ve been working on my flexibility but am having troubles getting into the splits.”  Do you need flexibility or is mobility more important?  Tune in for Maria’s thoughts on the topic.

Erm..perhaps just forward ahead to the 2:30 mark of the video as Maria was experiencing some audio difficulties (i.e. that mute button! :))

3:00       What should you do if you’re feeling a popping (not painful) in the knee while moving in goal?

4:55       Sense Arena – is it worth it? See  the video “After Two Years is Sense Arena Still Worth It?”

8:42       Does Maria think it’s better to use glove and blocker or the controllers in Sense Arena?  See what she says here!

10:30     When is a good time to see a physiotherapist?  Check out what Maria says…you might be surprised to know it’s not necessarily when you’re injured!

11:30     Can Maria design custom programs for you?

14:55    Are you struggling with performance and confidence despite extensive training and ice time?

Game Winning Goalie Formula

18:30    Hear Maria’s thoughts on recovery pants

20:32    What’s the best tip for practicing skating?

21:01    Problem with getting into splits despite working on flexibility

22:35    Should a 13 year old buy Bauer Konekt skates?

24:36    What’s a good off season plan to help an 11 year old improve strength for quicker push movements