Critical Training Secrets for Ice Hockey Goalies from the International Coaching Convention

Elite Goalie Training Secrets from International Coaching Convention

Join Maria for a recap of her journey to Gothenburg and her insights from World Juniors and the International Hockey Convention, hosted by the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation. As a part of the World Junior Hockey Championships, top researchers and hockey coaches from 14 different countries, such as: Joe Baker, David Alexander and Thomas Magnusson.  Learn critical insights from these world renown coaches, and dive into Maria’s presentation on the top 3 ingredients of any goalie training program.

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  • Joe Baker’s Perspective: The risks of early sports specialization.
  • Phil Osaer’s Approach: Why goalies must excel at this skill.
  • David Alexander’s Evaluation Technique: Assessing goalies beyond initial puck handling.
  • Ken Martel and Steve Thompson’s Training Method: Simple strategy to make practices more game like.
  • Thomas Magnusson’s Game Philosophy: Goaltending is not about shots.
  • Steve Thompson’s Advice: Maximizing extra goalies in practice.

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